Fieldlens works with Navisworks to help your team track, assign, and solve building model clashes.

Connecting the model with the field

Navisworks gives you powerful, actionable information about where clashes exist, what items are clashing, and visualizations of what’s in the way. Pairing Navisworks with Fieldlens gives you a fast and precise way to get that clash information to the people who can use it. 

Your project team can open the Fieldlens app on their mobile device and see the clashes assigned to them, where they are, and a visualization of the problem. Assignees can communicate about the issues in real time and let the team know when they are handled - making sure everyone is informed and no issues get dropped or mishandled.

How it works 

Once you install the plugin, you’ll be able to export clashes from Navisworks directly into any of your Fieldlens projects.

  • First, run a Navisworks clash report, and filter the list down to the number of posts you'd like to assign. 
  • Then launch the Fieldlens plugin. It will step you through a simple process of logging into Fieldlens and sending the posts over to the project. 

Once complete, each clash will be a distinct Fieldlens post ready to be assigned to the responsible companies. 

Download User Guide 

Check out a demo below:

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