You can set up your Fieldlens account to automatically sync drawings - links and all - directly from your Bluebeam Studio™ Prime account. 

Before you're able to sync files, you’ll first have to add the Fieldlens integration. Fieldlens will then keep an eye out for any changes or revisions made to your drawings and alert you when it’s time to sync.

Log into your Bluebeam Studio™ Prime account:

Click on Integrations in the upper right section.

Click Add New while on the Integrations page.

Enter the Fieldlens Client Id: 20593c88-e165-462c-9507-4ade248ed06d and click Lookup.

Save the Fieldlens Integration and confirm that the account is active. 

Head on back over to the Fieldlens web app to start syncing drawings. Once there, you can log into Bluebeam Studio™ Prime from the Drawings Page - just click Add drawings and select Sync from Bluebeam Studio Prime from the drop down.

Don't know if you have Bluebeam Studio™ Prime access? Contact your account representative if you believe you need to upgrade or email [email protected] to learn more about the advantages of Studio Prime. 

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