You've got a lot of tools in your toolbox. To ensure a better, faster workflow, Fieldlens has integrated with Bluebeam, Revit, and Navisworks. Sync your accounts with Fieldlens to easily import data from your other tools and keep everything and everyone on the same page.

Integrations Page

You can see what Integrations are available to you and your team by checking out the Integrations Page on the web app.

From any project in Fieldlens, click your profile picture in the top right and select Settings.  Then click Integrations from the sidebar on the left. 

Within the Integrations Page, you will be able to download the installers for Revit and Navisworks, and read more on how to sync your Fieldlens account with Bluebeam Studio Prime.


You can set up your Fieldlens account to automatically sync drawings - links and all - directly from your Bluebeam Studio™ Prime account. 

 Before you're able to sync files, you’ll first have to add the Fieldlens integration. Fieldlens will then keep an eye out for any changes or revisions made to your drawings and alert you when it’s time to sync.

Learn how to integrate your account here.


Project Organizers can use the Fieldlens integration with Revit to import Revit locations into Fieldlens projects. To get started, just download and install the plugin. 

For download instructions, click here.


Pair Navisworks with Fieldlens to quickly and precisely track, assign, and solve building model clashes. Navisworks will help visualize those clashes -- showing you and your team what’s in the way and identifying where items are clashing.

Assignees can communicate about the issues directly from the Fieldlens app. In real time, get everyone on the same page, let your project team know when clashes are handled, and ensure no issues get dropped or mishandled.

Read here to get set up.

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