You may notice a pending sync message at the bottom of a post on your mobile device. This means your posts, comments, or media have not yet reached all users on a project with you. If this happens you can manually sync them from within the Settings page on your mobile device.

Important: if you have posts and media pending sync, do NOT log out or delete the app. All pending data and posts that have not yet made it into the system will be wiped from the device and unrecoverable. 

Why are my posts pending sync?

This could be because you have weak cell signal, are in and out of different reception areas, are logging onto different wifi networks, or are working with a hot spot.

How do I sync my Pending Sync posts?

To access the manual sync options, tap the “...” button from the top right of your project feed, and click Settings.

Click on each one to tell you how many posts are affected and confirm to send.

We recommend performing this manual sync with a strong internet connection. Depending on how many posts are syncing, it could take several minutes to complete.

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