Fieldlens Drawings Uploader

If you are using the Fieldlens Drawings Uploader, just save the new bulletin in the same file location as the previous set. You will then need to open the uploader and click the appropriate project name. The uploader will automatically detect any file changes.

Click "Sync" and the newly updated files will be sent for processing.

Web Uploader

If you are using the web uploader, you can upload just the file or files that have been included in the bulletin. Once they are done processing, the drawings will automatically be matched to the previous versions in the system and you will be prompted to approve the match.

Bluebeam Studio Prime

When changes have been made to your watched files in Bluebeam Studio Prime, Fieldlens will let you know its time to sync. Look for an indicator with a count of files to be synced on the "Add Drawings" button. To sync, click "Add Drawings" and then select "Ready to sync". 

From there you can review your files, make any changes needed, and immediately sync them to Fieldlens. 

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