Create and update posts with 360˚ photos.

Ricoh Theta makes leading, state of the art 360˚ cameras

The cameras can be freely moved to capture pictures and the images can be easily viewed, edited.

Post immediate updates to Fieldlens with a single 360˚ photo.

360˚ photos are fast, easy and dynamically capture the jobsite.

How do I connect my device to Fieldlens?

  1. Turn on the Ricoh Theta camera.

  2. Check if Ricoh Theta WiFi is enabled as indicated by the WiFi light. (See below.)

  3. Make sure the Ricoh Theta is in 'Camera mode' - not video.

  4. Open 'Settings' on your iPhone and go to WiFi.

  5. Look for the Ricoh Theta Camera WiFi (Ex: THETAXS0...)

  6. Connect: The serial number printed on the base of the camera is the same as the SSID and password. The SSID is "THETA" plus the serial number (Ex: "THETAXN00001017"). The password is the numbers (Ex: "00001017").

  7. Go back to the Fieldlens app.

  8. Take your 360 photos!

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