Add text markup to a photo

Using your mobile app:

  1. Once a photo has been taken or added to a post, just tap the thumbnail in the post and choose Markup from the menu.

  2. You can markup your media and add text by tapping the Aa icon on the bottom menu. Once you’ve typed exactly what you want, you can resize and position the text where you want it, and choose what color it appears on the photo.

  3. When you’re finished marking up your image, click Done to add it to your post.

Using the web app:

  1. Hover over the thumbnail of the photo(s) you’ve added to a post and click on the pencil icon.

  2. Click the text icon from the top toolbar, and choose from a section of colors and fonts. You’ll also be able to resize and drag the text exactly where you want it.

  3. Click Apply and then tap Save when done.

Add text markup to a Drawing

You can add markup to a project plan from your mobile device while creating or reacting to a post.

  1. Tap the “...” in the bottom right corner when creating a post, or the “+” icon when reacting to a post.

  2. Choose Drawing Markup.

  3. Navigate to the drawing.

  4. Choose the Aa icon from the available tools at the bottom of the drawing. Then type directly on the drawing, resize and position the text exactly where you want it, and choose what color it appears, if you'd like. Type specific dimensions or call out additional job instructions, for example.

Note: This markup will not be on the actual drawing but is a snapshot of it that will be included with the post.
Adding markup to an already posted post is only available on mobile devices.

Available markup tool may differ for Android and iOS devices.

Insert Text is only available for iOS devices

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