By default, your project feed is a collection of all posts your team has created over the entire lifecycle of construction. You can use the custom filter tools to quickly find what you’re looking for, and save your filter for easy access later. Advanced filters and CUstom filters are only available for users with a PRO account.

Custom Filters

You can custom filter your project Feed in both your mobile or web app -- isolating the exact info you're looking for. At any time, drill down to a specific project location, category, assignee, due date and more.

Accessing on mobile:

On your mobile device you'll access the filters from the top left by clicking the magnifying glass. Once in the Search & Filter Panel, choose what filters you wish to apply:

  • Post status -- view posts that are unassigned, open, resolved, and/or closed.

  • Post flags -- view posts that are flagged as safety or deficiency, or view posts with no flag. Important Note: For projects created after 1/16/2018, you can also view posts flagged as RFI or Submittal.

  • Post info -- view posts based on their Locations, Categories, and posts that are Unread.

  • Assignees and due dates -- view posts that are assigned to you, have past due assignees, are assigned to a particular user/trade, have a specific due date, or by assignee status.

  • Posted and updated -- view posts that have been sent to you, posts that you’ve responded to, have a certain recipient, were posted by a specific user, by posted date, and by updated date.

  • Resource Tracking -- view posts for which you’ve tracked resources such as manpower or equipment.

Tap on Apply when done or Reset Filter to exit out and discard your changes.

Accessing on Web:

You'll find the filter options on the web app to the left of your Feed -- all via a slide-out toolbar.

Filter options include:

  • Post status (unassigned, open, resolved, closed).

  • Post flags (no flag, safety, deficiency). Important Note: For projects created after 1/16/2018, you can also view posts flagged as RFI or Submittal.

  • Unread posts.

  • Past due posts.

  • Resource tracking posts.

  • Posts send to you/posts you’ve responded to.

  • Locations.

  • Categories.

  • Drawings -- posts associated and pinned to a specific plan.

  • Assigned to -- posts assigned to a specific person, company, or trade.

  • Assignee status (open, resolved, closed).

  • Sent to -- posts sent to a specific user or company.

  • Posted by -- posts created by a particular user or company.

  • Post due date.

Save a Custom Filter (web only)

Once you've made and applied your selections, you'll have the option to save the filter and access it easily later. Saved filters that you create on the web will appear within the quick filter drop down menu on both the web and mobile apps -- allowing you to go back at any time and quickly view posts through those pre-sets.

To save a custom filter on the web app, click Save to the right of your quick filter drop down, and then give it a name.

Once saved you can click Manage quick filters at the bottom of the drop down menu to rename or delete the filter entirely.

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