Any Ricoh Theta camera will create it’s own WiFi network, which you’ll connect with your device that has Fieldlens installed.

Turn on the camera and make sure its WiFi is enabled (indicated by an illuminated WiFi icon on the device), and that it’s in Camera mode (rather than Video).

You have two ways to add 360 pictures to your projects (added directly to a post or updating multiple posts on a drawings):

Adding a 360º picture to a single post

When creating or adding to a post in Fieldlens, tap Camera from the bottom of the screen and select Use 360° camera when using iOS -- or tap "..." and select Take 360 Photo from your Android device. At this point you’ll see the Ricoh Theta Camera integration page with instructions on connecting the camera:

Note: If you’re already connected to the Ricoh Theta Camera WiFi your device will automatically open the camera.

  • Position the camera and tap on your phone screen to take the picture. Note: you MUST use the camera button on your phone to take the picture. You can not use the button on the camera itself.

  • Once processed, review the photo. If acceptable, tap the screen and then Select from the upper right. Tap Send to post the new picture.

Adding 360º pictures to multiple posts on a drawing

Hit the three white dots on the top right of the page on a specific drawing and select "Connect to 360 Camera". Now you can update an existing post or create a new one.

Select a post, hit "Add photo to post" and take the picture.

Hard press the screen, drop the pin wherever you want, and take the picture.

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