You can pause or edit any recurring report using the Fieldlens Web App -- allowing you to update the title and recipients, edit the report format and content, or modify the report schedule.

Editing your report

To edit your report, go to the Reports Page found within any project on the web. Click My report schedules to view a list of all your recurring reports for that particular project.

Once you’ve found the report you wish to modify, tap the “...” to the right of the report name to edit or pause it. You can also access the edit page by clicking on the reports icon and using the Edit or Pause schedule buttons found to the right of the report title.

If you choose to pause a recurring report, you will be able to resume its schedule at any time. Just tap Resume schedule, and the report will run according to your previous settings.

What things can I edit?

Once you’ve selected the Edit button, you’ll be able to modify the content, title, recipients, layout, and schedule of your report.

Change the Content of your Report

In the Report Includes section you can change the information that ends up in your report.

Use the drop down menu and select one of the quick filters -- posts marked as “Punch list” or “Safety report,” for example -- or use the search and filter sidebar on the left to slide out your full filter options. Here, you can filter by Post Status, Assignee, Posted and Last Updated date, as well as by Locations and Categories and several other options.

Update Title and Recipients

To change the report title or update recipients, click the pencil icon to the right of the Details section. You can also add notes and a project code if you would like.

Modify your Report Format (PDF only)

Presets include:

  • Compact will include location and categories.

  • Current Status will include all post details and media.

  • Drawing Status will include all post details, media, and full-size drawing pages.

  • Full History will include all post details and media as well as updates.

Click on Custom to access more layout options.

To change the first page of your report, look at what has been selected under “Cover options” -- if you need post stats or resource tracking summaries, for example, check the appropriate boxes to include them in future reports.

You can add or subtract post details in your “Post options” -- for example, reports can be updated to include weather and location post details.

Note: The output of your report cannot be edited. If you originally created a PDF report, all future reports will also be exported as a PDF.

Modify the Schedule for your Report

Your report schedule can be modified whenever necessary. By clicking the pencil icon next to Schedule, as with the previous sections, you can update what days and times the report runs.

You can also update when your scheduled report stops running. If after 10 reports or 3 months, for example, you no longer need a report, you can indicate that in this section.

After all your necessary changes have been made, tap on Update Report to save.

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