You can easily add the current weather to any Fieldlens post from both the mobile and web app. It’s also possible to adjust the auto populated weather when needed.

Adding weather from your mobile device

When creating a post, select the “...” from the menu in the bottom-right corner and then tap Weather. This will display the current weather conditions based on your project’s postal code. The temperature and weather conditions can be edited if needed.

Auto-add weather

From the same overflow menu (...) you can choose to Auto-add weather on all of your posts for this project. Simply tap to turn the switch on.

Adding weather from the web

In the post panel, tap the thermometer icon to pop the weather window, which will be populated with the current conditions based on your zip code. On the web, however, you can edit the conditions overview, the temperature, humidity and wind speed.

Weather is only provided on Imperial Units (Fahrenheit)

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