Waiting for answers to RFIs and Submittals can delay trades and hold up the project. At Fieldlens we believe in a more efficient flow of information. That's why we've created post flags for RFIs and Submittals - just like safeties and deficiencies.

When you create an RFI or Submittal in Fieldlens and add an assignee, they will get notified immediately. And by sharing with the trades, they’ll get the answers when you do!

Important note: RFI and Submittal post flags are only available on projects crated after 1/16/2018.

Flagging a post from mobile:

  1. In the post panel, tap the purple flag icon at the bottom of the toolbar.
  2. Click Add RFI flag or Add Submittal flag
  3. Tap Assign to add assignees to the post.
  4. Recommended: Set a due date by clicking “Add due date” to the right of the assignee’s name.

Fieldlens will maintain these flags after you’ve posted - speeding things up if you’ve got to create a number of RFIs in a row, for example. Tap the flag to remove them at any time.

Flagging a post from the web app:

  1. You can select a RFI or Submittal flag from the Post flag drop-down when creating a New Post.
  2. Click Assign to add an assignee. You can also type a name or email address in the Assign field.
  3. Recommended: Set a due date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the assignee’s name.

RFI and Submittal IDs

Each and every RFI and Submittal post will be assigned a unique ID in Fieldlens. If you create your first RFI within a project, for example, it will be RFI #1 with the post status of open, resolved, closed.


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