When you’re juggling multiple job sites and teams, it’s important to stay organized. That’s why Fieldlens created a Cross Project Dashboard, giving you a birds-eye view of every project you’re currently working on. 

Cross Project Dashboard lets you view:

  • Past due posts - View posts that are overdue. 
  • All open posts - View all posts with open assignments. 
  • Posts due today - View posts that need to be completed today.
  • Posts due tomorrow - View posts that need to be resolved tomorrow.
  • Posts due in 7 days - View posts due within the next week.
  • Posts to close - View posts that have been resolved and are waiting to be closed out.

To visit your Cross Project Dashboard, simply click the circle icon to the right of the new post button. Then click Cross project dashboard.

Using the Cross Project Dashboard

  • Filter - on the top left of the dashboard, you’ll see a filter option. Here you’ll be able to filter by date range. View posts from the last 14 days, for example, or view posts from the last year.
  • Project map lets you visualize where all the projects that need your attention are. Zoom in and out using your mouse’s scroll button or by using the + and - icons.
  • View post details by clicking the number or project name under each section.
  • Download data - when hovering over each dashboard section, you'll see an option in the upper right corner to download the data as an CSV.
  • Search - when hovering over a section, tap on the More Options icon in the upper right hand corner to access a search button. Click that to search through each section for a specific project name.
  • Edit pivot tables - you can edit any pivot table within the Cross Project Dashboard. Just hover over the appropriate section, click the More Options button in the upper right, and select Edit Pivot. Here you’ll be able to drag and drop different fields to create rows, columns, filters, and values.
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