Adjusting the posts in your report

By default your report is based on the posts in your Feed. To modify the posts included, adjust the filter on your Feed by tapping the magnifying glass icon on your iOS or Android device. Here, you’ll be able to search for posts by:

  • Post status (unassigned, open, resolved, closed).
  • Post flags (None, Safety, Deficiency).  Important Note: For projects created after 1/16/2018, you’ll also be able to adjust your report to include posts flagged as RFI or Submittal.
  • Post info - including Locations, Categories, and Unread.
  • Assignees and due dates.
  • Posted and updated - who the post was sent to or posted by and when the post was created and last updated.

Tap on Apply when done or Reset Filter to exit out and discard your changes.

Create a Mobile Report

To create a PDF report from your iOS or Android device, click the paper icon in the upper right of your Feed. 

Once in the Export report panel, you’ll be able to modify and customize your report - whether you’re creating dailies, meeting minute reports, or documenting change orders.  

What's in my report?

Tap the Report includes section to adjust the posts you’d like included in the report. You can choose from the following presets:

  • Everything - all the posts currently in your feed.
  • Daily Report - everything you and your team has posted that day.
  • Punch list - posts marked as deficiency. 
  • Safety report - posts with safety flags.
  • All unread.
  • My to-do list.
  • Assigned by me.
  • My company’s to-do list.
  • At-risk posts.
  • 2-Week look ahead.
  • Custom filters - any filters you have created and saved.

Report Details

Tap Details to add a title and the user names or email address of any person you’d like to share the report with. You can also add a project code or additional notes to capture any important info that's not included in your posts.

Format your Report

To select your report's output and layout, tap into the Format section. Once here, you can choose to create your report as either a PDF or CSV.

Your mobile PDF reports can be formatted in four ways: 

  • Compact - location and category post details.
  • Current Status - all post details and media.
  • Drawing Status - all post details, media, and full-size drawings.
  • Full History - all post details and media as well as post updates.

You can also select CSV format from the Output dropdown and choose either Post Summary or Resource Tracking.

Hit Send to email a report of those posts to yourself -- and anyone you shared it with.

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