Pulse is a tool that helps you see how your team’s tracking on tasks on the road to closeout -- all at a quick glance. It also bubbles up the posts that are trending, letting you know which people, tasks, topics, and jobsite locations need your attention most.

You’ll get a live look at post counts along with their status: Unassigned, Open, Open and Past Due, Resolved and Closed. You can click or tap on any status to view the matching posts in full detail.

You'll find Pulse along the right sidebar on the web app - below Focus.

In order to get your Pulse pulsing, all your team needs to do is post! As they add assignees, categories, locations and drawings to posts, you’ll start to see more complete information in your Trending section - showing you what's heating up on the job.

Each section and notification within Pulse is a link to the complete information. For instance, if a post is lit up with 10 recent comments you can click right to it. Or if a location has 4 recent posts, you can click to see them all in list view.

With Pulse you’ll know how your company is doing and when to jump in -- right as a topic or area is heating up. Bottom line: you’ll stay ahead of schedule and catch anything before it develops into an error or delay.

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